Trade Catalogue


A la Reine d'Angleterre, maison de fourrures, 249 rue Saint Honoré, Paris.

Paris, Louis Durel impression d'art, 1921.

Oblong 4to, publisher’s parchment wrappers stitched with leather strips, to which are attached 3 incised bone-like medallions, scenes from ethnic Siberian life within a stylized border on front cover, large illustration on the lower cover of a Samoyed dance mask, (in modern box). 32 pp. Calligraphic text reproduced in lithography. Printed on thick paper. Contributions by the explorer Jean Charcot about some of his voyages, and C. d’Hoedt describing various furred animals, followed by an Eskimo song about hunting taken from the “Report of the Bureau of Ethnology”.

Coloured borders with ethnic motifs and hunt-themed illustrations, 2 coloured plates with scenes of polar life by the important animalier painter Edouard Mérite (1867-1941), 2 full-page and 4 half-page coloured plates by Victor Lhuer (1883-1951) of fashions using fur, some set against ethnic Samoyed costumes. Complete.

First and only edition.

A stunning Siberian-themed publicity album of the famed Parisian furrier.

Certainly one of the craziest clothing trade catalogues of the Jazz Age, with the appearance of a real Esquimo old book of magic spells.

Victor Lhuer, important French Romanian-born press and fashion illustrator, fashion designer and commercial artist. He collaborated with the great Paul Poiret, and contributed to famous periodicals of the period, such as Femina, Le Journal des Dames et des Modes and the Gazette du Bon Ton. As a commercial artist he also worked for Fourrures Max and Le Printemps store.

Published in very small number for an exclusive clientele.

Excellent copy, with the often lacking medallions.

Ref. Pages d’or de l’édition publicitaire, 21