Art Nouveau

SACHS (Richard) Neue blumige Flächenmuster. 8 Tafeln. [= New Floral Motifs. 8 Plates].

Plauen i. V. (Germany), Verlag von Christian Stoll, Buchhandlung für Kunstgewerbe, (Druck C. G. Röder GmbH, Leipzih), (circa 1910).

Small folio, in sheets loose as issued in printed marbled chemise.

Suite of 8 numbered coloured plates by Richard Sachs. Complete.

First and only edition.

Fine collection of Art Nouveau floral motifs delicately coloured, each plate featuring several sophisticated designs. A great source of inspiration for graphic and textile designers, artists and art students of the period. At the height of the Art Nouveau movement and into the early days of Art Deco, Christian Stoll Studios were a leading and prolific source of graphic design material. The Leipzig-based firm, active chiefly from 1900 to the beginning of World War I, produced beautiful books for all forms of design applications, and was renowned for its staff of creative artists. Among Stoll’s major designers were Richard Kühnel, Hugo Sachs and Josef Pilters.

A very good copy.

Rare, we have not been able to locate a copy in institutional collections worldwide.

Price: 450,00 euros

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