First World War Imagery

MOREAU-VAUTHIER (Charles)Sammy arrive. Texte et dessins par Ch. Moreau-Vauthier. Contes patriotiques.

Paris, Librairie Bloud & Gay, (circa 1917).

12mo (145 x 115 mm), publisher’s self-wrappers illustrated in black and red linocut, Sammy on the upper cover, President Wilson on rear cover. (24) pp. Illustrated throughout in red and black linocut by the author-artist Charles Moreau-Vauthier (1857-1924), who studied at the Paris Beaux-Arts in the class of Jean Léon Gérôme and published books on art and several patriotic children’s books during the First World War.

First Edition and only edition of a very rare First World War patriotic little children’s book.

The Statue of Liberty has a meeting with President Wilson of the United States to urge him to go to war against Germany. She is fed up with Germany, “the natural enemy of freedom”. She can no longer compromise, wants to “throw her torch into the sea and go to France to the munition factories”.  The next day America declares war on the Jerries [Boches]. The statue leaves her pedestal, enters the water and lights up the sea with her torch to guide the warships…”.

Published in small numbers in wartime by Edmond Bloud (1876-1948) and Francisque Gay (1885-1963), publishing partners since 1911, both famous French politicians and Resistance fighters during the Second World War.

A fine copy.

Not in Harris & Edelstein, En Guerre, French Illustrators and World War I nor in Catalogue of the Cotsen Children’s Library and Bilderwelt im Kinderbuch

Price: 450,00 euros

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