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Cover of Taut Ein Wohnhaus

Bruno Taut Ein Wohnhaus


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title-page of Tableau historique de l'Orient by Ignace Mouradja d'Ohsson

Ignace Mouradja d'Ohsson Tableau historique de l'Orient


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Early PrintingNear East

cover of almas esclavas by Lizagarra

LUCCHESI (José) Almas esclavas


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illustration by Alexeieff in Bouddha vivant by Paul Morand

Paul Morand - Alexandre Alexeïeff Bouddha vivant


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

portrait of Cardano

Girolamo Cardano De Rerum Varietate


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Early PrintingScience

cover chavance nouvelles boutiques

René Chavance Nouvelles boutiques


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ArchitectureTwentieth Century

illustration by charles guérin colette voyage

Colette Le Voyage égoïste


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

Illustration from Dufour Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolat

Sylvestre Dufour Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolate


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Early PrintingFood & Drink

proof plates brimont ariane

Renée de Brimont Ariane


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Illustrated BooksLiterature

title-page dulau typophiles

Dulau & Co. A Catalogue for Typophiles


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Private PressTypography

Title-page of Bude Commentarii 1548

Guillaume Budé Commentarii linguae graecae


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Early PrintingRenaissance

colour illuystration suanna

Peter Wiechmann Suanna


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Children's BooksPrivate Press

postcard by Alexander Benois

Alexander Benois Igrushki


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vellum binding of Rossi Musaici

Giovanni Battista de Rossi Musaici cristiani e saggi dei pavimenti delle chiese di Roma


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Illustration of Yourcenar Suite d'estampes

Marguerite Yourcenar Suite d’Estampes pour Kou-Kou-Haï


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Illustrated BooksLiterature

colour illustration by artus scheiner

Karel Jaromír Erben Ceské Pohádky [Czech Fairy Tales]


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Children's BooksCzech Art

title-page of Combrune Art de Brasser

Michael Combrune L'Art de brasser


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Early PrintingFood & Drink

Illustration by Feininger in Becher An alle Künstler

Johannes Becher An alle Künstler!


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Woodcut by Dorothy Shakespear in Elimus

B. C. Windeler Elimus


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Avant-GardePrivate Press

Cover of Lettres sur les aveugles

Alexandre Rodenbach Lettre sur les aveugles


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MedicineNineteenth century

Colour plate of Peters Sindbads Insel Verlag

Agnes Peters Die Abenteuer Sindbads des Seefahrers


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

Colour plate of Neue blumige Flächenmuster

Richard Sachs Neue blumige Flächenmuster

(circa 1910)

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Applied & DecorativeArt Nouveau

coloured plate of Noe Memoires

Louis de Noé Mémoires relatifs à l’expédition anglaise partie du Bengale


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Illustrated BooksTravel/Voyage

Detail of trade catalogue of hand fans by Henry à la pensée

[Mars – Thiriet – Mlle Roullet – Valette] Henry à la Pensée

(circa 1900)

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Applied & DecorativeArt Nouveau

dust jacket of Posters 1929

F. A. Mercer Posters and Publicity 1929


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Graphic DesignPublicity

Plate of La Vallee Voyage Istrie

Joseph Lavallée Voyage pittoresque


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Early PrintingTravel/Voyage

Cover of Decorative Art 1930

C. Geoffrey Holme & S. B. Wainwright Decorative Art 1930


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Applied & DecorativeArt Deco

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