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Reliure japonisante sur Jean D'Ardenne Notes

Jean d'Ardenne Notes d'un vagabond


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cover of Gautier Art de Laver

Henri Gautier L'Art de laver, ou de la nouvelle manière de peindre sur le papier


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ColourEarly Printing

Cover of the Temptation of St Anthony by Henry Van Straten

Henri Van Straten Tentation de Saint Antoine


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Avant-GardeIllustrated Books

revue l'architecte

Michel Roux-Spitz - J. Porcher L'Architecte


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ArchitectureTwentieth Century

engraved plate from Home Select Views in Mysore

Robert Home Select views in Mysore


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Illustration by Georges Lepape for Tremois Au grand jardin

Edge Tremois - Georges Lepape Au grand jardin


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Art DecoIllustrated Books

illustrated double-page of Jean de Boschère Métiers divins

Jean de Boschère Métiers divins


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Illustrated BooksLiterature

title-page of Poblacion Perez Esgrima

Cayetano Poblacion Perez Esgrima


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detail of illustration from Conte de fées by Lucien Laforge

Lucien Laforge Conte de fées


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First World WarPochoir

cover of Die Jagd by the Wiener Werkstatte

Maria Pranke Die Jagd


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GamesWiener Werkstätte

title-page of Blondel Dissertation

Jacques Blondel Dissertation physique sur la force de l'imagination des femmes enceintes sur le fétus


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Early PrintingMedicine

Detail of cover of Juan Esparraguito by Edwards McClure

Agustín Edwards McClure Aventuras de Juan Esparraguito


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Children's BooksPochoir

colour plate from Essef wallpaper trade catalogue

[Essef] Dernières créations


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Trade CataloguesWallpaper

decorated binding of Tesoro delle Gioie

Cleandro Arnobio Tesoro delle gioie


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Early PrintingSeventeenth Century

postcard by Alexander Benois

Alexander Benois Igrushki


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cover of Kundera Une rencontre

Milan Kundera Une rencontre


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First EditionsLiterature

vellum binding of Erasmus Adagia

Erasmus Adagia


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Early PrintingSeventeenth Century

Inscription in Verhaeren's hand

Emile Verhaeren Les Aubes


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First EditionsInscribed

binding of Dolmetsch Ornamenteschatz

Heinrich Dolmetsch Der Ornamentenschatz


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Applied & DecorativeArt

illustration from Vondel Warande der dieren

Marcus Gheeraerts Voorstelijcke Warande der Dieren


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Early PrintingIllustrated Books

pochoir plate from Princesse Nenekedjan by Marina Romanov

Marina Romanov La Princesse Nenekedjan


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Illustrated BooksPochoir

[Trade Catalogue] L’Avion “Sport Farman”

(circa 1919)

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AviationTrade Catalogues

Detail of illustration from Gori Dactyliotheca

Antonio Francesco Gori Dactyliotheca Smithiana


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ArchaeologyEarly Printing

cover of Tropismes by Nathalie Sarraute

Nathalie Sarraute Tropismes


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First EditionsLiterature

detail of cover illustration by Marcel-Louis Baugniet for Arlita

Marcel-Louis Baugniet Arlita


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vignette in pure etching from Choiseul-Gouffier Voyage

Comte de Choiseul-Gouffier Voyage pittoresque de la Grèce


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frontispiece of Ollantay by Pablo Curatella Manes

Pablo Curatella Manès Ollantay


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

poster design by Georges Lepape

Georges Lepape Original Poster Design


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Art DecoPoster

title-page of first edition of Voltaire Commentaire historique

Voltaire Commentaire historique


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Early PrintingEighteenth Century

colour plate from Maples trade catalogue

Maples A short dircursion on beautiful furnishings


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Applied & DecorativeFurniture

illustration by pierre charbonnier from la fenetre by francis ponge

Francis Ponge La Fenêtre


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Illustrated BooksLiterature

coloured plate of Noe Memoires

Louis de Noé Mémoires relatifs à l’expédition anglaise partie du Bengale


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Illustrated BooksTravel/Voyage

Cover of Art & Publicity 1925

Sydney R. Jones Art & Publicity 1925


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Graphic DesignPublicity

double page of Michaux Lobe des monstres

Henri Michaux Le Lobe des monstres


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First EditionsLiterature

title-page of Nathaniel Hawthorne La Femme au pilori

Nathaniel Hawthorne La Femme au pilori


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LiteraturePirated Editions

coloured plate from trade catalogue A la Reine d'Angleterre

[Trade Catalogue] A la Reine d'Angleterre


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FashionTrade Catalogues

illustration by Kokoschka in Dirsztay Lob des hohen Verstandes

Viktor von Dirsztay - Oskar Kokoschka Lob des hohen Verstandes


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ExpressionismIllustrated Books

First page of Laurent Joubert's manuscript dating back from 1577.

Laurent Joubert Medicinae practicae


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Early PrintingMedicine

illustrated double-page of trade catalogue of Maison Revenaz

[Revenaz & Tabernat] Jeux de Salon et de Société


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GamesTrade Catalogues

illustration from Meksin Exhibition catalogue of Children's Books and Children's Art Works of Japan

Yakov Meksin Vystavka detskoi knigi i detskogo tvorchestva Yaponii


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Exhibition CatalogueRussia

View of Florence in Cini Pompa Funerale

Giovanni Battista Cini Descritione della Pompa funerale


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Early PrintingItaly

Colour plate of Andi und Silvi by Else Ruckli-Stoecklin

Else Ruckli-Stoecklin Andi und Silvi


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Children's BooksTwentieth Century

dust jacket of The Woodcut of Today at Home and Abroad

Geoffrey Holme The Woodcut of To-Day at Home and Abroad


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ArtTwentieth Century

binding of Legendre Traité de l'opinion

Gilbert-Charles Le Gendre Traité historique et critique de l'opinion


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Early PrintingEighteenth Century

title-page of Antonin Artaud Théâtre de Séraphin

Antonin Artaud Le Théâtre de Séraphin


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LiteraturePrivate Press

title-page signed of Henry van de Velde Max Elskamp

Henry van de Velde La formation poétique de Max Elskamp


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Private PressTwentieth Century

decorated cloth binding of Dorothea Hollins The Veiled Figure

Dorothea Hollins The Veiled Figure


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double-page of Maurice Jacno typeface catalogue Scribe

Marcel Jacno Scribe


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Trade CataloguesTypography

Plate of Luschdig Zipiti

Paul Hosch - Hans Melching D'r Luschdig Zipiti


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Children's BooksIllustrated Books

title-page of Palazzo Discours Raison d'Estat

Giovanni Palazzo Discours du gouvernement et de la raison vraye d'estat


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Early PrintingPolitical Science

envoi de Henry van de Velde a

Henry van de Velde Le Nouveau


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Twentieth CenturyTypography

original design by Henry Perrault for La Chair triomphe of Rimé and Bassères

Edmond Rimé La Chair triomphe


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text page of Solis Mexico

Antonio de Solis Historia de la conquista de Mexico


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colour plate from trade catalogue by jewellers Geoffroy and Eisenmann

Geoffroy & Eisenmann Un bijou...

(circa 1925)

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JewelleryTrade Catalogues

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