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Plate by Barbier for L'art des Parfums by Fouquieres

André de Fouquières L'Art des parfums

(circa 1915)

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PerfumeTrade Catalogues

title-page of Agrippa De incertitudine

Henricus Cornelius Agrippa De incertitudine & vanitate scientiarum


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Early PrintingRenaissance

cover of la vieille boucherie by Charles Dumercy

Charles Dumercy - Max Elskamp La vieille boucherie et les aveugles


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Illustrated BooksPrivate Press

Illustrated page from Erben

Karel Jaromír Erben Národni pohádky

(circa 1915)

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Children's BooksCzech Art

vellum binding of Rossi Musaici

Giovanni Battista de Rossi Musaici cristiani e saggi dei pavimenti delle chiese di Roma


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woodcut plate by antonio frasconi

Antonio Frasconi Bestiary


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Artists' BooksIllustrated Books

headpiece illustration of Ollantay by Pablo Curatella Manes

Pablo Curatella Manès Ollantay


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

illustration from don quixote by cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote


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Early PrintingLiterature

illustration by pierre charbonnier from la fenetre by francis ponge

Francis Ponge La Fenêtre


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Illustrated BooksLiterature

illustration by Schwaiger from Hastrmanovi

Hanuš Schwaiger O Hastrmanovi [= The Goblin]


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Children's BooksCzech Art

title-page of Eloge de la coiffure by Palette

J. N. Palette Eloge de la coiffure


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FashionTrade Catalogues

cover of Die Jagd by the Wiener Werkstatte

Maria Pranke Die Jagd


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GamesWiener Werkstätte

original lithographed plate by Spilliaert for Les Plaisirs d'hiver

Léon Spilliaert Plaisirs d'hiver


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Artists' BooksChildren's Books

coloured plate of Noe Memoires

Louis de Noé Mémoires relatifs à l’expédition anglaise partie du Bengale


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Illustrated BooksTravel/Voyage

colour plate from Hos Moster Maren by Eyermann Asisoff

Elline Eyermann Asisoff Hos Moster Maren


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Children's BooksIllustrated Books

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