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Plate of Luschdig Zipiti

Paul Hosch - Hans Melching D'r Luschdig Zipiti


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Children's BooksIllustrated Books

Detail of illustration from Gori Dactyliotheca

Antonio Francesco Gori Dactyliotheca Smithiana


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ArchaeologyEarly Printing

Leporello image of Bêtes en tête by Jacques Gaucheron

Jacques Gaucheron Bêtes en tête


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Artists' BooksChildren's Books

Pochoir plate from Delacroix Décoration moderne

Henry Delacroix Décoration moderne dans l'intérieur


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Art DecoPochoir

Title-page of Crevenna Catalogue

Pietro Antonio Crevenna Catalogue raisonné de la collection de livres


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Early PrintingEighteenth Century

Cover of Seguy Les Papillons

E. A. Seguy Papillons


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Art DecoPochoir

Detail of colour illustration by Else Ruckli-Stoecklin for Andi und Silvi

Else Ruckli-Stoecklin Andi und Silvi


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Children's BooksTwentieth Century

Illustration from Les Fées à la mode by Madame d'Aulnoy

Countess of Aulnoy Les Fées à la mode


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Early PrintingLiterature

detail of cover illustration by Marcel-Louis Baugniet for Arlita

Marcel-Louis Baugniet Arlita


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Cover of Nette et Tintin

[Henri René D'Allemagne] La très véridique histoire de Nette et Tintin visitant le village du jouet


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Children's BooksExposition

title-page of Buchoz Toilette et Laboratoire de Flore

Pierre-Joseph Buch'oz Toilette et laboratoire de Flore


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Eighteenth CenturyPerfume

Illustration from Renault Camion de France by Draeger

[Draeger] Renault - Le camion de France


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Graphic DesignTrade Catalogues

Cover of Decorative Art 1930

C. Geoffrey Holme & S. B. Wainwright Decorative Art 1930


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Applied & DecorativeArt Deco

Cover of Huysmans trois Primitifs

Joris-Karl Huysmans Trois Primitifs


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First EditionsLiterature

detail of illustration from Die 12 Monate by Franz von Zülow

Franz von Zülow Die 12 Monate


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Illustrated BooksWiener Werkstätte

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