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Plate of Luschdig Zipiti

Paul Hosch - Hans Melching D'r Luschdig Zipiti


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Children's BooksIllustrated Books

Illustration from Dufour Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolat

Sylvestre Dufour Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolate


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Early PrintingFood & Drink

colour plate from Hos Moster Maren by Eyermann Asisoff

Elline Eyermann Asisoff Hos Moster Maren


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Children's BooksIllustrated Books

original lithographed plate by Spilliaert for Les Plaisirs d'hiver

Léon Spilliaert Plaisirs d'hiver


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Artists' BooksChildren's Books

title-page of Marconville De la bonté et mauvaisté des femmes

Jean de Marconville De la bonté et mauvaistié des femmes


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Early PrintingWomen

cover of Die Jagd by the Wiener Werkstatte

Maria Pranke Die Jagd


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GamesWiener Werkstätte

illustration by Schwaiger from Hastrmanovi

Hanuš Schwaiger O Hastrmanovi [= The Goblin]


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Children's BooksCzech Art

vignette in pure etching from Choiseul-Gouffier Voyage

Comte de Choiseul-Gouffier Voyage pittoresque de la Grèce


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woodcut plate by antonio frasconi

Antonio Frasconi Bestiary


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Artists' BooksIllustrated Books

postcard by Alexander Benois

Alexander Benois Igrushki


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Binding of Calmet Dissertation

Augustin Calmet Dissertations sur les apparitions des anges


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Early PrintingOccult Sciences

plate from l'ame eternelle by Eugene Andre D'Audroin

Eugène Andréa D'Audroin L'Ame éternelle.

(circa 1918)

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Illustrated BooksSymbolism

Cover illustration of We love you Beatles by Margaret Sutton

Margaret Sutton We love you Beatles


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Children's BooksTwentieth Century

Title-page of Bude Commentarii 1548

Guillaume Budé Commentarii linguae graecae


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Early PrintingRenaissance

illustration from Das Pferdchen

Ellinor von Medem Das Pferdchen


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

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