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cover by Len Lye for Laura Riding Twenty Poems Less

Laura Riding Twenty Poems Less


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Private PressTwentieth Century

title-page of Palazzo Discours Raison d'Estat

Giovanni Palazzo Discours du gouvernement et de la raison vraye d'estat


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Early PrintingPolitical Science

title-page signed of Henry van de Velde Max Elskamp

Henry van de Velde La formation poétique de Max Elskamp


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Private PressTwentieth Century

plate by Josef von Divéky in Wiener Werkstätte Almanach

Wiener Werkstätte Almanach


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Applied & DecorativeWiener Werkstätte

text page of Solis Mexico

Antonio de Solis Historia de la conquista de Mexico


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decorated cloth binding of Dorothea Hollins The Veiled Figure

Dorothea Hollins The Veiled Figure


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front cover of trade catalogue A la Reine d'Angleterre

[Trade Catalogue] A la Reine d'Angleterre


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FashionTrade Catalogues

binding of Legendre Traité de l'opinion

Gilbert-Charles Le Gendre Traité historique et critique de l'opinion


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Early PrintingEighteenth Century

original design by Henry Perrault for La Chair triomphe of Rimé and Bassères

Edmond Rimé La Chair triomphe


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cover of Moeschlin Das Rote Pferd

Elsa Moeschlin Das rote Pferd


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Children's BooksTwentieth Century

title-page of Combrune Art de Brasser

Michael Combrune L'Art de brasser


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Early PrintingFood & Drink

detail of trade catalogue of furrier Simon

[Simon Frères] Fourrures


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FashionTrade Catalogues

original colour etching by Jacques Maret for Bagages

Jacques Maret Bagages à l'arrivée


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LiteratureTwentieth Century

title-page of Wright Arabic Grammar

William Wright Grammar of the Arabic Language


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LanguageScholarly Books

coloured woodcut by Marcel Roux for Quatre bois gravés

Marc Roux Quatre bois gravés


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Illustrated BooksTwentieth Century

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